Dover (1864)

You remind me of not saying anything about myself and the Lord’s work at Dover. It is true. I have been labouring rather hard of late with respect to my body and the more I labour the more I see, feel and realise the necessity of being spent for the Lord. It has been my heart's desire to visit all Dover, the backstreets and lanes of the town and preach Christ to those thousands who do not and will not go out to hear the Word. To a great extent, I have done this, but not yet half of the place. During the summer months I have been holding 14 or 15 services per week, but this is only my work; but I am thankful to say the Lord has been working with us, confirming the word with signs following and many dear souls have been added to the Lord. The last two weeks I was labouring, I believe we had the pleasure of seeing 10 souls each week brought to the feet of Jesus. Eternity will alone reveal the full results.

"The Revival," October 6th, 1864.

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