Warwick (1860)

WORK OFGOD IN A LADIES' SCHOOL..—It it now nearly three months since the Lord gave us a truly pentecostal week; during which, not fewer than twenty young ladies in the establishment were made new creatures; and, in the course of the three fol­lowing weeks, ten more were added to the new-born family, as the workmanship of Christ. Words can convey no adequate idea of the solemn scenes, the earnest conflicts, the holy plea­sures, of that memorable week. Suffice it to say, that every room in the house was turned into a place for prayer; there was no mere excitement, but deep and intense earnestness; some agonized in prayer for hours in succession; until, like Jacob, at the breaking of the day, they obtained the blessing. No sooner was it known that the Holy Spirit had begun to strive with another of their companions, than all who had before found mercy, were ready to assist her by exhortation and prayer in finding their way into marvellous light. And oh, when their faith beheld the Divine Sin-bearer, the crushing burden fell off, and they went forth rejoicing. One of the most remarkable features of this great work of God, was the spirit and gift of prayer poured out upon these young Christians. Morning, noon and night did they pray and cry aloud. Another conspicuous fruit of the Spirit, shaken from the tree of life, was love; love to each other, love to their teachers, love to all believers, a love which beamed in their countenances and beautified their conduct. A remarkable conscientiousness in fiat) performance of every-day duties, was another beautiful result of the grace of God. Henceforth, even lessons were prepared as unto the Lord, and the most commendable anxiety was felt, lest, through their want of diligence, the honour of religion should be in any way tarnished. Nor was there any abatement in the earnestness and faith of our dear young friends as the vaca­tion drew near; on the contrary, there was an evident growth in the spiritual life and untiring were their efforts to bring the few unconverted ones around them to that precious Saviour in whom they themselves rejoiced. It was gratifying to observe the manner in which they anticipated returning to their homes. "Oh, that my parents, brothers, and sisters, were all saved," was the universal desire and prayer. Such of them as knew their parents were in Christ, became conscious of a privilege unknown before, and felt they should now love them with a new and intense affection. Thrice blessed the family where parents and children are joint heirs with Christ. This gracious work must be regarded as an answer to the special and united prayers of the principal and her band of earnestly pious teachers. United prayer has the promise of special blessings. Where they who preside over a household of immortal souls, are united in faith and prayer, salvation will come to that house; for He is faithful who hath promised. When Christian parents and Chris­tian governesses shall go boldly to the Divine throne asking life for the entire family, the marvellous announcement will again be made by the marvellous Saviour, "According to thy faith be it unto thee," "even as thou wilt." A. B.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, page 5.

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