Manchester - Charles Finney (1860)

The services conducted by the Rev. C. G. Finney continue to afford reason for gratitude and hope. A prayer-meeting is held before every service, beginning at half-past seven. It is free and open to all and has been very useful in preparing hearts to receive the truth. Christians of almost all evangelical denominations have offered earnest prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit of God, and who shall dare to say that the petitions thus presented shall be fruitless?

The meetings for inquirers are still held every evening after service. The late hours to which many are kept at business interfere with week-night engagements, but a considerable number remain, and every night adds to the list of those who avow their repentance and faith in Christ. On Sabbath evening several young persons, male and female, yielded themselves to God. A young man who had long been "halting between two opinions" was brought into the midst of the enquirers by the friendly hand of a youthful companion, and in the presence of others consecrated himself to the Lord Jesus. A man of respectable position came forward on one occasion and acknowledged to Mr Finney that though piously trained, he had wandered from God into the cold death regions of infidelity. He had been a follower of Theodore Parker, Emerson, &c; but he was now convinced of the folly of scepticism, and hence­forth would devote himself to the Saviour. On another evening, with joy in his countenance, he said he had begun family worship, and resolved to continue it.

About 130 persons on the average remain after service. Last evening (Friday), after the rest had departed, several lingered and remained in the vestry to a late hour. Several young women had a violent struggle with self and unbelief; but all, at length, found peace in Christ. One, who had been, as she said, "reared a Roman Catholic," and had already believed, was in great trouble about her relatives who were yet slaves to that superstitious system, and prayed most fervently for them. It is no uncommon thing for professors of religion of various denominations to be found among the inquirers, declaring that they never before knew or realised the power of religion.

Mrs Finney has conducted her meetings as usual for females only. On Monday last she held a service at Pendlebury, a village near Manchester. The chapel was quite full. Many were deeply affected, and powerful, and, it is believed, deep and lasting impressions were made by her touching appeals.

There are thus unmistakable signs of God's presence and power. His "hand" is seen. Soon may his "arm" revealed! Come, Lord Jesus! Come quickly!

. S. C.

July 7. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, page 13.

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