Chirnside (1874)

DURING the last two weeks, Messrs Watt and Wallace, evangelists sent out by the Scottish Evangelistic Association, have been holding meetings here every night - a meeting for children at 6 o'clock, and for others at half-past 7.  On the two Sabbath evenings the meetings were held in the Reformed Presbyterian and United Presbyterian Churches and on the other evenings, the first week in the Volunteer Hall, and the second week in the Reformed Presbyterian Church. On all these evenings the attendance was good and increasing - on Sabbath evenings from two hundred to three hundred, and on the other evenings from sixty to above a hundred, although a very severe snowstorm continued all the time. It is believed by those who had the best opportunity of judging, that very great spiritual good has resulted from this series of meetings. The attendance at the after-meeting for inquirers increased from about twenty the first night to more than three times that number on the last. Many manifested great anxiety. Some were weeping. Many of these as the series of meetings closed stated that they had found Christ and were now firmly trusting in Him as their Saviour. In addition to this, many who have long believed in Christ were quickened to greater joy and peace in believing and also good resolutions to live and work more for Christ than hitherto.

"Times of Blessing," Dec 31st, 1874.

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