Brunswick Hall, Liverpool (1863)

Agreeably to my promise contained in the appeal I sent you for prayer on behalf of Liverpool, I now send you its supplement of praise. Scarcely was the ink dry on the paper when I heard the first droppings. The Lord sent many labourers to help in singing and speaking in the open air. Others gave blessed help by prayer; Fairclough, Hambleton, Hampson and others in speaking. The Lord made bare his arm and many testify to blessings received. In Brunswick hall the Lord gave special blessing amongst the working classes; there were many cases of man and wife under conviction of sin together and both finding peace through the blood of Jesus within a day or two...

The Lord gave special blessing amongst the little ones in the Brunswick hall. Sometimes as many as 50 would stay behind for conversation. Many parents testified to the change amongst their family and not infrequently these little ones would carry the word of life home and be the means in God's hand of blessing to their parents. We observed one night a mother under deep conviction and weeping bitterly. There were so many on that night to be spoken to that she went away without a word of direction or comfort. She was there on the following evening with her husband and three children and said, “I cannot go away so without telling you that I have reason to thank God for coming to this hall on last evening.” “Why have you reason to thank God?” I asked. “Because the Lord saved me,” was her reply.” What led you to come?”” My boy was at the children’s meeting on Tuesday last, when he came home he would let me have no rest until I had promised him to come on Sunday and I thank God that I did come.”

"The Revival", April 23rd 1863.

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