New Road, London - William Booth (1865)

These services are being continued with increasing power and interest. A fortnight's meetings have been held in a large mission room in Bethnal-green-road, which has been well filled each evening. On Sabbaths, we continue to meet in the Assembly rooms, New-road, Whitechapel. The last two Sunday evenings the hall has been crowded, and signs and wonders have followed the word. On the last Sabbath but one the power of God appeared in the most special manner to rest upon us.
It was, indeed, heaven below. Nearly every sinner in the place appeared convicted, and penitents were to be found in every part of the room. Twelve persons openly professed to have found peace. Two young men were sitting together. I spoke to them. One said he found peace by relying on Christ while Mr Booth was speaking; the other entered into rest immediately. Believers were so much blessed that it was with difficulty they could be persuaded to leave the place, then they went home singing the praises of God and some have since told us they could not sleep for the joy which filled their hearts.

This week we are sending forth two brethren, one converted in our services, with a Bible carriage, to sell the Word and preach the gospel.

"The Revival," October 26th, 1865.


Additional Information

I do not know where the meetings were - perhaps in the Dancing Academy which he bought a few years later.

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