Sedgley (1876)

With respect to the services here, conducted by Mr Cooper, a friend says:--

The meetings have given cause for deep joy and thankfulness. Mr Cooper has conducted the meetings with the wisdom given of God--not the least show or effort to get up an excitement - while the attention given by the people has been intense. We have had no after-meeting, but the people were always told they could remain for instruction or prayer. Many came forward spontaneously to tell what God had done for their souls; some as they sat listening; others convinced the night previous had left the mission room wretched-could not sleep, - and upon seeking God in prayer had found peace in looking unto Jesus. Some were particularly interesting cases, particularly a young man of superior position, who had long taught in a Sunday school, taken part in meetings, &e., but now found that he had no part or lot in the matter: his distress was deep and, bless God, his joy and peace were correspondingly bright.

“The Christian,” February 10th, 1876

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