Bridgerule (1860)

Our united prayer-meetings are still continued, though not so well attended as formerly. This, however, is partly owing to the commencement of another prayer-meeting at Holsworthy, which is a far more central and populous place. We hope and believe that nearly, if not quite, forty persons have been hopefully impressed in connexion with the Bridgerule prayer-meeting. At one time the school-room was quite insufficient to contain the numbers that attended. Many most interesting petitions have been sent in, several of which are still pleaded. And some of the circumstances connected with these petitions might be almost set side by side with the striking details given by Dr Prime in his volume, The Power of Prayer. About ten petitions appear to have Pentecostal.

P.S. Bridgerule is a little place with about 400 scattered inhabitants; I mention this because some time back it was spoken of as a town. The little prayer-meeting there has now given rise to several others, which are likely to be more influential than the original one.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, page 22.

Additional Information

Methodist Church would have been involved.

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