Charles Street Baptist Chapel, Leicester (1874)

The meetings in this town by our brethren, Messrs. R. P. Smith, Boardman, Mayers, and Henry Varley, will be long remembered. Surely they have been seasons of abundant refreshing from the presence of the Lord. The heinousness of sin in the believer, the power of Christ to keep from falling, the possibilities to abiding faith, the joy of the Lord, its influence in service, its effects on personal character, and Christ the believer's life, were the subjects principally dwelt upon. Very searching and powerful were the addresses, and many of the Lord's children entered into abiding rest, whilst many testified to its continuance from the former meetings, held months since by Mr Varley. The large Temperance Hall was crowded on Thursday night, and the power of the Lord was very present. Thursday night saw Charles street Chapel crowded to excess to
hear a parting address from Mr Varley, and at its close twenty-two in anxiety of soul desired earnest prayer. Days of holy joy and fellowship never to be forgotten. Dear Mr Smith and Dr Boardman spake with evident blessing in quiet powerful words, and Mr Meyers not only contributed to the tide of praise, but the Lord helped him greatly in speaking in His name. Many weary ones were sent on their way rejoicing, many broken hearts led to the Rest-giver, even Jesus. To his name be praise for these seasons of wondrous blessings!

"The Christian", May 14th, 1874.

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