Merthyr Tydfil (1874)

Your readers will rejoice to hear of a spiritual awakening which has taken place in our town. At the beginning of October a united midday prayer meeting was commenced. This is being carried on since and it is intended to continue it until the end of the year. We thought it would be well to have a week of special evangelistic services and an invitation was sent to our brother J A victory of Bristol, he kindly consented and on the evening of his arrival, a united meeting was held to implore the blessing of God upon the services of the week.

The following day, Sunday, a band of Christian men and women accompanied by some of the ministers of the town, went through the lowest part of Merthyr to sing and invite the poor to come to hear the gospel. This was done every evening during the week except one, and by that means many were brought under the sound of the gospel who would not otherwise have heard it.

The meetings were held at five different chapels and we have reason to believe that at every service sinners were converted unto God. There is no excitement, but the truth was listened to with much attention and interest. At one of the meetings, a mother with her two sons and a daughter sat together. The mother said to a Christian friend, “Speak to my son, he is very anxious about his soul's welfare.” He was spoken to and the truth of God being embraced by him brought peace to his soul. The speaker said to the mother, “Your son believes in the Lord Jesus Christ." She also was directed to believe in the Lamb of God and through a humble acceptation of the truth, she found peace. Many cases of a similar nature might be mentioned.

"The Christian," December 3rd, 1874.

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