Market Hall - Shrewsbury (1862)

At the meeting at the Quarry-walk on the following day, Sunday, about 2000 persons were present, and better still, the Lord was there too. Dr Cranage preached with power, and the whole meeting marched through the town at four o'clock, singing hymns, and at eight o'clock a much larger number assembled to hear the word, which was with even greater power than in the after­noon, for on appealing to the anxious to remain, the Market-hall appeared to be filled, and it was eleven o'clock before the place was cleared. Many souls have been born for the Lord. Oh, may he keep them near his wounded side. On returning home through the street we were led by the Spirit to join two poor fallen sisters and to whisper the sweet name of Jesus to them. We told them we would pray to the Lord for them at home, and shook hands with them remembering the dear Master's gracious words to the woman taken in adultery, "Neither do I condemn thee." Blessed Jesus, thy name is indeed as ointment poured forth. Further down the street we saw three other women talking, and conversed with them. One of them was a servant in a public-house and had heard the afternoon preaching. She said she must be out of the public-house or she should lose her soul and has decided on taking this step.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VII, page 48.

Additional Information

The Market Hall is Elizabethan.

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