Hyde Park - London (1860)

Hyde Park was often used in the Revival.

it is long since we have been more cheered with the present or more encouraged to look for far greater things for the future, then during the last week. On Monday 17th of June in Hyde Park, there were really glorious scenes. Did our space permit we could give illustrations of the clear and sterling addresses there. There was an immense concourse of people gathered into many large companies of attentive listeners to preachers of all grades, from the church clergyman to the mechanic boy. When we left the park, after 10 o'clock, scores if not hundreds of persons, men and women, soldiers and civilians, were on their knees on the grass in earnest prayer to seeking souls present, and very much substantial good we feel sure was affected.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iv, 29th June 1861.


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