Sidmouth (1875)

Mr Willis, farmer from Devonshire said that for sixteen years he hack preached the Gospel and had never known God's work so prosperous as now. Prayer in country districts has helped the work in London, and prayer in London helped the country districts! In Chard where there were many dry bones, Mr Vicary, who sings and preaches, had lately held blessed meetings. Similarly, in Crooker, their joy had been the joy of men in harvest. 

He went with a butcher to Sidmouth, where the work was red hot and boiling, and not merely simmering. It was supposed that there were one hundred converts, chiefly by the instrumentality of Mrs Bass of Olney. On one occasion the power of god was so great they had to discontinue preaching and to go round and speak to the people, for they were all in tears. In a spiritual as well as literal harvest time women may help to gather in the ears of corn equally with the men. In working for God we must not wait for a Committee. If David had done so he would never have slain the lion  Like the woman of Samaria, we must at once go and tell our neighbours about Christ.

"Signs of Our Times," May 12th, 1875

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