Tunstall (1860)

We have lately been blessed with a Revival of God's work in this village. One after another has cried for and obtained mercy until whole families have been brought to God. Men and their wives, who had never bowed their knees in prayer, were seen kneeling side by side, crying mightily to God for the salvation of their precious souls; and even little children would congregate together in stables and cow-houses, and hold prayer- meetings for the salvation of themselves, their parents, and neighbours. Soon a "travelling praying company" was formed by the new converts, who went from house to house every evening, praying for the salvation of the inmates. This plan answered well: many were "pricked to the heart," and have given themselves to Jesus. The daily cry is, "Oh Lord, save souls." J. V.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 109.

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Location unknown.

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