Bridgewater (1875)

For a long time past the hearts of many Christians in this town have been yearning for a share in the blessings God has been so freely granting to other places. In November last the pastors of the associated Nonconformist churches summoned a united meeting of their members at the Wesleyan Chapel, for conference and prayer, at which it was resolved to commence a daily prayer meeting at the Friends' Meeting-house. These meetings were continued with much profit till after the week of united prayer at the beginning of the present year. That week of prayer was followed, as in previous years by a united Communion service on Lord's day evening, January 10th, at the Congregational Chapel. It was felt to be a very solemn yet joyous service, Just at this time one of the pastors spent a few days at Sheffield, during Mr Moody's visit there. The reports he brought back and communicated to the churches, deepened the growing desire for larger blessings. A meeting of pastor and officers was convened, at which it was unanimously resolved to invite Mr Vicary, whose labours had been much blessed at Chard and elsewhere, to hold a week of special evangelistic services. These were conducted at the Town Hall from Feb 22 to Feb 28. God honoured faith and answered prayer. Drops of blessing had previously fallen on the various congregations, but now a shower descended In response to invitations taken to every house in the town, the hall was crowded each night by  an increasing number, till at the last service, on Sunday evening Feb 28, it was computed in a local newspaper that 2,000
were present, while hundreds could not enter. The simple, earnest addresses of our beloved brother were blessed by God to many souls. At the after-meetings, large numbers remained for prayer and conversation. The souls of Christians were warmed and encouraged, and many felt it to be the happiest week in their lives, Neighbouring villages and hamlets shared in the blessing. At the various weekly meetings, on Monday, March 1, arrangements were made for gathering up the results and giving further help to the new converts and the awakened. The report given at the mid-day prayer meeting next day were highly encouraging. Weekly united evangelistic services will be continued for the present, and various other special efforts will be made for the spread of the kingdom of Christ in the town and neighbourhood. It is believed that there is a very widespread awakening among various classes.

"The Christian," March 11th, 1875.
D. S. P.

Additional Information

The building was demolished.

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