Free Methodist Church, Exeter - James Caughey (1865)

... During the services now brought to a conclusion, we have seen what Barnabas saw at Antioch, the grace of God, and we have been made glad. We have seen the wanderer brought back to the Father's house; we have seen sinners turned out of the broad into the narrow way, and fitted for the robes of righteousness and songs of joy at the right hand of God.

...Mr Courtnay, who had acted as secretary to these services, then reported that the names of 309 persons had been taken down as having received spiritual good. Of these, 250 had been brought in from the world, not having been connected with any church. Of this number 166 had expressed their wish to join the church in Queen Street; 57 would connect themselves with "our mother" the Wesleyan body; 8 with Bible Christians; 16 with other churches; three were not decided where they would settle down. Of the remaining fifty-nine (out of the 309), sixteen had found pardon who were members of other churches, and forty-three had been raised to a higher condition of Christian life (Sanctification). The secretary added
that the scenes he had witnessed were indescribable. They had caused him many tears, but tears of joy. The committee had thought good, at this concluding service, to invite all the ministers of the various congregations connected with Methodism in Exeter to unite with them...

"The Revival," December 21st, 1865.

Additional Information

I do not know where in Queen's Street the chapel was.

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