Inverness Music Hall - D L Moody (1874)

On Tuesday, 7th July, at 8 p.m., Mr Moody preached his first sermon in the Free High Church from the words, "There is no difference." The building was crowded. More than half of the audience waited for the prayer meeting which followed. Several ministers engaged in prayer. The anxious were asked to retire to the Session house, where some entered into the joy and peace of faith.

On Wednesday forenoon about 1000 persons were present at the meeting in the Music Hall, at which Mr Moody spoke of the faith of the four men who brought their sick friend to Jesus, Luke v., 18-26. At 3.30p.m. a Bible Reading was held in the Free High Church, when the subject was, "Blood." In the evening the Free High was again crowded. After reading John iii., 1-16, "Mr Moody spoke with a power that was evidently given him from above. His forcible statements of divine truth, the pointedness and melting earnestness of his appeals, backed by illustrations that touched every heart, and brought it into contact with the reality of divine things, produced the greatest impression upon the audience. But it was a kind in which the man was forgotten, and the solemnising influence of the Holy Spirit, bringing the truth home to the consciences of men, was visible." Forty anxious inquirers were dealt with in the session house, "evidently a small proportion of those who had been deeply impressed."

On Thursday the Music Hall was again packed at one o'clock, when requests for prayer were sent in by fathers and mothers for the conversion of their children, and children asked for blessing on their fathers and mothers, and so forth. At 3 o'clock a Bible Reading was given. In the evening an open-air meeting was held on the Castle Hill, where a vast audience gathered; and the day's work was brought to a close by a meeting in the Free High Church, when many were gathered in. On Friday a similar programme was gone through, with similar results. On Saturday a children's meeting was held in the Music Hall, attended by about 400 children, with as many adults; and an open-air meeting was held on the Castle Hill, at which about 2000 persons were present.

Sabbath, 12th July.—A meeting for Christian workers was held at 9 a.m., in the Music Hall, which was attended by about 500 people, Sabbath School teachers and other workers being well represented. Mr Moody "delivered a stirring and touching address, inculcating courage, love for the work, perseverance, enthusiasm, and sympathy as the qualifications which assure for the Christian success in his work." At eleven o'clock he preached in the United Presbyterian Church (Ness Bank), and at six in the Free High. After the evening service an open-air meeting was held in the New Park, where a congregation of between 4000 and '1000 assembled. The evening was calm and pleasant, and the vast audience heard every word with ease. The meeting was a very impressive one. Thereafter a meeting for anxious inquirers was held in the Free High Church, where many entered into the light and peace of faith, "and great joy was felt at the results."

Revivals in the Highlands and Islands by Alexander Macrea – Republished in 1998 by Tentmaker Publications.

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