Barclay Church, Edinburgh - D L Moody (1873)

Dear Sir,-It may not be uninteresting to your readers to hear somewhat of the work going on in Edinburgh in connection with the visit of Messrs Moody and Sankey. A lengthened statement would, as premature; but a few remarks may be both appropriate and encouraging to the Lord's remembrances who are praying for Edinburgh and Leith. 

Hitherto the meetings have been remarkably successful. The evening meetings were held during the first week in Barclay Free Church and that large edifice was nightly crowded in every part. On Sabbath evening meetings were held in other two churches besides the Barclay, and not only were they all filled to overflowing, but great numbers had to go away, unable to obtain admission into any of them. During the current week the meetings have been held in Broughton-place United Presbyterian Church (Rev. Dr Thomson's), and in Viewforth Free Church (Rev. J. Morgan's), and the attendance still keeps up, and the interest is manifestly both widening and deepening.

The daily noon-day prayer meeting has been a most remarkable success. It was commenced on Monday week with an attendance of upwards of five hundred and before the week was ended it had increased so much that the Queen street Hall was found to be too small for it. Since then it has been held in the Free Church Assembly Hall, with an attendance generally of upwards of a thousand--sometimes as many as twelve hundred.

As to results, it would be unwise at this stage to enter into particulars. But this much may be said with certainty, that there are in Edinburgh and neighbourhood hundreds of persons who have been brought under serious impressions at these meetings, and are now earnestly seeking salvation; and also not a few who profess to have received saving benefit, and to be now enjoying peace with God, and, in some cases, rejoicing in the Saviour. The noon-day prayer meeting also is found to be a season of remarkable quickening and refreshing to those who attend it.

Many of the ministers and earnest laymen gladly welcomed the American friends on their arrival, and have thrown themselves heartily into the work. Others, who at first had difficulties, are finding these difficulties disappear by personal contact with the work and are cordially identifying themselves with it.

The blessed work has thoroughly begun, and the progress made is greater than could have been expected in so short a time. But we are looking for far greater things yet.

The Lord send prosperity: Let the Lord's remembrancers everywhere plead for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Edinburgh and Leith.- I am yours truly,
Minister of Free St. John's Church, Leith
Leith, Dec. 6, 1873.

"The Christian", December 11th, 1873

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