Heath and Reach (1864)

BUZZARD.- Dear Sir, - Having been a reader of the Revival for some years, and rejoicing as from time to time I have read of the work of the Lord prospering in various places, and anxiously desiring and praying that the same blessed work might begin in our neighbourhood, I have now, praised be the Lord, the happiness of telling you that we are experiencing a blessed manifestation of the Spirit's power.

In the villages of Heath and Reach the Lord has been graciously working; sinners have been saved and believers have
been quickened. Prayer meetings have been crowded to overflowing, the Wesleyan chapel, capable of holding four or five
hundred persons, has been filled nearly every night, and persons of all ages have been convinced of sin, and many have found peace through believing, and one night as many as twenty professed to obtain peace. Blessed be God, some of the most wicked of the place have been brought into the good way! My heart has rejoiced when looking round the chapel to see them there,  clothed and in their right mind." ...... It is altogether the work of the Lord in answer to prayers of his people, as no special effort has been used to get up a revival. 

"The Revival," March 10th, 1864.

Additional Information

The chapel closed in 2008, I cannot find it, perhaps it was knocked down.

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