Jersey (1862)

Let not the poor be deprived of their daily bread today, in order to store up for future need, for who knows what a day may bring forth?

When the articles in the Revival were first read to our small meeting no one anticipated that one-half of the sums contributed would have been obtained; but God opened the hearts and added spiritual blessing and inclined many to attend the preaching of the gospel who never before went either to church or chapel. Several have turned to God from the ages of thirteen to sixty or seventy, and many more appear anxious about their souls.

When the open-air preaching was given up, the indoor meetings presented a very cheering appearance. But it is only since the liberality of Christians to relieve the poor has been exercised, that rich blessing has descended on the meeting...

"The Revival," January 1st, 1863.

The second week of January has been a time of much blessing to the meeting of reunited Christians, held near the garden of Olivet. Every evening the average attendance at the prayer meeting was about 50, on preaching nights above 100. By a closer arrangement of the forms 120 or more have been seated, and the meetings have been continued since as during the week of prayer, with the same attendance, except this week, when a little decrease has been noticed; but this may be attributed to the labours of the fields, which are at present pressing. During this season of prayer, about twenty cases of persons awakened have occurred, who appear now to rest on Christ alone for salvation. Some of them are very young children, others are mothers, young men and women; some poor and very ignorant, unable to read; others better educated. On Sundays and Wednesday evenings, when the gospel is preached, the room is crammed. At a place distant about two miles another meeting was commenced once a week some time ago, in a large kitchen. This also is filled with hearers, and more than once the passage and staircase have been occupied. Here also fruit has been reaped. May the Lord give still more abundantly the spirit of prayer and praise.

"The Revival," January 29th, 1863.

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