Illogan (1873)

The wonderful workings of the Holy Spirit have not been confined to the North, but here, in the far west, we are in the
midst of one of the most extensive and glorious revivals that has ever visited Cornwall. For months and years we had been deploring the spiritual death in most of the Christian churches, but much prayer was going up from faithful hearts and encouraged by what the Lord was doing in the North, our faith seemed to be raised.

In October last the good work commenced in our Mission room, Redruth, and continued up to the present year, night
after night weeping penitents came forth seeking salvation. But this did not satisfy us. We longed to see every house of prayer the same and now the work spread to the Wesleyan chapel and between 100 and 200 found the Lord.

In order to bring Christians generally together, special united services were decided upon, and Druids' Hall was taken for midday prayer meetings when all the ministers of the town met together on the same platform for one object--the revival of
God's work. These meetings were a great success, and although only arranged for one week, they were continued nearly two
months. In the evenings' united services were held in the various chapels alternately until souls were saved in nearly all the
places. At the mid-day meetings, it was delightful to hear the various reports of souls being saved in almost every chapel, not only in Redruth, but the work spread into adjacent villages and towns, and almost every part of West Cornwall is now enjoying the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

It would be impossible for me to give anything like an idea of the generality of this revival. The following are a few of the
places where the Spirit has been more powerfully working:- Redruth, Camborne, Poole, Tuckingmill, Falmouth, Penryn,
Lanner, Carcarrack, St Day, Illogan, Gwnnap, Breague, Marzion etc. etc. In fact, you might stand on one of the Cornish hills and look for a distance at night and see the various chapels lit up and weeping penitents are in each place, some ten, fifteen, twenty and upwards each night. Many of the societies have been more than doubled in number; in some places very aged
sinners have found the Saviour, and among the penitents might have been seen the policeman in his uniform, the drill sergeant of the artillery in his regimentals, etc.

But the work is not confined to the chapels. At the mines, many have been struck down crying for mercy and for a time
work suspended and prayer resorted to. I was told by a mine captain that among those awakened at the mine was a young woman. Weeping she stopped work, saying "I must find Jesus if you turn me away and i lose my payday." In another part
of the mine a lad was seen running to his father, telling him with joy how he had found Jesus, saying, "And now, father, we won't let mother rest till she comes too."

In the open air, also, many have found Jesus. As a brother was driving through a village near Redruth, he saw a number
of persons in a field, praying and rejoicing in the Lord, others walking on the road praising God. Others in their homes have
been awakened and sent for persons to come and pray with them.

Since writing the above, I have received a letter from a sister in the Lord, telling me how the work progresses at Marazion,
where I was present at the commencement of it. The following is an extract from the letter:-

"I am so pleased to be able to tell you that the Spirit is still working powerfully. Souls are coming to Jesus daily in the
several chapels and also in their own houses. The mid-day meetings are continued. The drill sergeant is acting as recruiting sergeant now and is working very hard to bring others to the Saviour. I should like you to see him walking up and down
the aisle, in his uniform, speaking to one and another. About ten or twelve of the artillery have surrendered to King Jesus. Oh, we have such an army of young men and more coming every night nearly. One man of Marazion was converted whilst gathering seaweed on the August Rocks. On Sunday our chapel was crammed; many could not get in."

 The sergeant referred to was converted at one of the mid-day meetings about ten days since. What shows that this work is of the Holy Spirit is that no agency from other parts has been in it, but simply the Christians of the town uniting together for prayer. Some of the most pleasing results of this awakening are the breaking down of prejudices and jealousies on the part of different denominations, and now there is an interchange of pulpits and we seem all one happy united family. There is to be a united Communion Service in the Wesleyan chapel, Redruth, for which some 400 tickets have been issued. I trust it will be a time never to be forgotten. 

As to the number of persons already brought to Jesus, it is impossible to state, but I believe they number thousands and I trust many thousands more before the year is out. Almost every day I hear of new conversions - strong, powerful men struck down in the mines, young persons in the factories etc. etc. To God be all the praise!

J. W. WILSON, Town Missionary.
Australia-cottage, Redruth.

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