Howden Independent Church (1861)

It has pleased the Lord, in a most remarkable manner, to pour out his spirit in connexion with the Independent Church, in this small town. On the first Sabbath in last month the Rev. Geo. Richards preached from," Will ye also be his disciples?" A remarkable feeling pervaded the whole congregation; and, at the Lord's supper, an unusual number of spectators remained, who were again addressed. Church members and spectators all felt that the Spirit of the Lord was in their midst. This deeply-felt influence of God's Spirit led to prayer-meeting after prayer-meeting, then meetings for addresses and prayer,' then a week's meetings of short sermons and prayers, which have been continued every night up to the present time without the least appearance of falling off. The result is that there are thirty-eight persons, chiefly young, that the minister and deacons are so satisfied with, that they are going to propose them at the next church meeting. In addition to these there are many more who are under deep religious feelings, whom, it is hoped, will give themselves unto the Lord. In all this there has been no noise, but a deep religious feeling, such as the church here never felt. At many of the meetings all seemed to weep. Old Christians mingling their joys with the angels over sinners repenting, and young Christians weeping with joy at having found peace through believing. In fact, it has been "as the days of heaven upon earth" to us all. And, although the greater number of those that have given themselves fully to the Lord have for months previous been convictions, and had commenced private prayer, yet there have been some striking instances of conversions of persons that never thought about their souls, and had given themselves to a sinful course.

We had no previous meetings till this sermon of appeals to the conscience was delivered: but on some of the members saying, "What a wonderful thing!" a lad replied, " There is nothing wonderful in it; three of us lads have been meeting every week, from the commencement of the year, to pray for this very thing. "Why, where did you meet?" was the reply. "Oh," answered the lad, "sometimes behind that thorn hedge, down in the lee; sometimes in a barn; and sometimes asked for the key of the school-room, and held our meeting in a classroom." Here was faith! Here was the secret. Who can tell where this will end. Let it encourage other young praying hearts to go and do the same, and let it reprove the weakness of the faith and the coldness of heart of many older Christians. May the Lord help the minister and his noble band of young and active, zealous and prayerful helpers to go on. Yours faithfully.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, p158

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Location in Bridgegate unknown.

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