Sutton-in-Ashfield General Baptist Church (1865)

Sir, I have great pleasure in informing you of the progress of the Lord’s work here. Brother W H. Becken of London has been labouring in connection with a general Baptists for a month. The word was preached with much power. Our blessed Lord has been pleased to own and bless his labours abundantly. I may say, for the encouragement of the faithful workers in the Lord’s vineyard, that for the first fortnight there was but little good done; not so many as 20 had accepted Christ. However, with untiring zeal and the united efforts of the Lord’s people at the midday prayer meetings, and also, in the evenings, prayer was answered in a special manner; the Spirit was poured out, and then it was that the Lord worked mightily on the minds of the people. Some of the most abandoned characters, and many others were led to cry for mercy, and confessed that they felt themselves lost sinners; they were completely broken down; but as the one great sacrifice for sin was held up to view – not one sermon without Jesus on Calvary, the blood of Christ shed for them – they believed to the saving of their souls. There are more than 90 names taken of those who have professed to receive pardon through the blood of the Lamb. Hallelujah to Jesus! Many of these young converts, after the farewell address was given, joined with members of all the churches in the celebration of the Lord's supper. It was a glorious time. Before leaving us, brother B commended all these to the care of officers of the churches, wherever they chose to join. May the Lord keep them! Many backsliders have been reclaimed and believers quickened;  others who have sat under the sound of the gospel for 20 years, unmoved, have been made to tremble; there are many wounded soldiers and many very hardened sinners.

"The Revival," January 19th, 1865.

Additional Information

The church no longer exists. I do not know where it was in the street.

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