Dunrossness Parish Church, Shetland. (1874)

The following happily confirms the newspaper report of an awakening in Shetland:

" The cloud of mercy, long looked for, has at length burst over the southern extremity of the mainland of Shetland and the Lord, according to his promise is sending 'showers of blessing'.

...A short time ago however a hope was entertained that Mister Moody would be able to pay us a visit, but in this we have been disappointed. We have, however, been visited by those through whose instrumentality the blessing has come in rich abundance. The Rev George Wilson, Tollbooth Church, Edinburgh; Captain McGill and Mr E Scott, Edinburgh, arrived last week and began to hold meetings on Thursday last in the Parish Church and such has been the interest manifested that it has taken many of us by surprise. It has deepened day after day, so much so that both yesterday and today the men have given up the fishing and remained on shore in order to attend the meetings. Many precious souls have been awakened and of these, a goodly number profess to have found the saviour. There is no excitement, but a deep solemnity at all the services.

"The Christian", September 3rd, 1874.

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