Exmouth (1874)

Dear Brother,-You and your readers will be glad to hear the happy results of some special services that we have had
here the last fortnight for the salvation of souls. Our dear brethren, John Connor, S. Blow, Walter Wills, Walter Douglas,
and myself, have taken part in them, but God has especially owned and blessed the later consecrative addresses of our
brother Walter Douglas. Our large room has been full to overflowing, and night after night many of all ages have come forward before all the large assembly to confess their faith in Jesus. Many among these, especially of the young, are, as we trust, newborn souls. A considerable number also who had been previously convinced and converted, but had not publicly confessed their faith before men, were led to do so; and some backsliders--especially one very interesting case of one who had formerly himself been a preacher - now publicly confessed their sin, and rejoiced in their restoration. It is difficult and perhaps premature, as yet to estimate the amount of our blessing or the number of those who have been eternally saved through these meetings. But there can be no question of its being a very marked and precious revival, both of saved and unsaved and that the former have had their souls much stirred up to pray and labour for the latter.
We are for this deeply indebted, under God, to the very earnest, solemn, soul-stirring addresses, and most precious, sound gospel testimony of our brother Walter Douglas, who, with a mighty power of physical and spiritual energy, has, in spite of a weak, suffering body, laboured, I fear, above all capacity of human endurance to win souls. He needs our prayers much, that he may not spend his strength beyond measure and unduly tax the powers God has given him for pressing home the sword of the Spirit to the hearts and consciences of his hearers with extraordinary vehemence and effect. Our brother Harrison Ord is to be with us, God willing, this week; and we ask for much prayer, that the work of the Lord may go on and prosper yet more abundantly.- Yours in Christ,
 April 13.

"The Christian", April 23rd, 1874.

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