Southgate (1865)

To read of revivals of God's work in distant places has been cheering, and it has often prompted the prayer that our beautiful little village, with its scattered population of some 2,000 souls, might receive a like blessing. There was a time when such blessing was earnestly sought by some in connection with the little church with which the writer is associated; but unbelief said, " Impossible," and thus the fire was nearly extinguished. Meantime, some four miles distant from this spot, an earnest servant of Christ was becoming qualified to take up the work here. Difficulties one after the other vanished away, and, on the first Sunday in January of the present year, he entered upon his stated ministry. The first week was marked by soul-stirring meetings; conviction seemed at once to lay hold of the sinner's heart; earnest warnings and entreaties were spoken by the pastor. God's Spirit was poured out; inquirers came forward. February found five additional members; in another week,
twelve more came forward. Twelve more are about to be proposed, and still the work is progressing. It is the conviction of
the writer that not one meeting has been held this year without evident tokens of the divine blessing. Husbands and wives,
for many years attendants on the means of grace, are now casting in their lot with the people of God; others equally interesting, but whose cases must not be particularised. The work among the young is exceedingly, promising. Before and after school, on Sunday afternoons and on week evenings, if opportunity occur, may be seen groups of from twelve to twenty girls, sometimes with and sometimes, without their teachers, meeting together for prayer. Some are now about to join the church. Such are a few of the rich blessings we, as a small community, are enjoying. We feel it indeed to be a revival - a revival of God's work in our hearts as well as in our congregation  We trust it will yet spread over the village. True we feel much is owing to our beloved pastor, but with us, he is hearty in exclaiming, "Not unto us O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory." Let churches in a low state remember there is a God ever waiting and willing to hear and answer prayer. I trust I may yet have to record greater things, for the encouragement of the Lord's people and the glory of my Saviour's name.

"The Revival," March 3rd, 1865.

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