Blackburn (1875)

The Rev W H Aitken's mission at Blackburn concluded on Wednesday, the 28th. The church was quite incapable of containing the crowds that flocked to the concluding services. In these the presence of the Lord was most sensibly felt, and multitudes of inquirers sought for counsel every night. Six hundred and fifty persons applied for tickets at the converts' service in less than three days. Each of these had to fill up a paper stating that they had decided for Christ during the mission, and they were repeatedly warned not to do so unless it had been to them indeed a day of salvation. Many more, no doubt, would have applied had not the time been so short in which application could be made. These were all arranged in the body of the
church at the concluding service,and came up first to the Lord's-table. Altogether about 900 partook of the Holy Communion.
It was a time never to be forgotten. Much prayer is asked for these young Christians, that they may endure unto the end.

"Times of Blessing," Apr 5th, 1875

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