Thetford Town Hall (1860)

The Young Men's Christian Association have held three of a series of fortnightly religious services at the Town Hall, which has been crowded on each occasion with about 1000 people. A great moral and religious reformation has taken place among the females working in the Thetford paper-mills. Men and women who, a few months since, were the most notorious for open vice in Thetford, are now humbly seeking salvation, and numbers are rejoicing in the Lord Jesus. Mr Hoskins, a colporteur, is holding meetings daily for Bible exposition and prayer. On Thursday last the British School-room was crowded with 700 persons earnestly engaged in prayer. Workmen have for some weeks met together in their dinner-hour for prayer. Upwards of fifty females assemble at one lady's house to hear the Scriptures explained and for prayer. In fact, God has wrought great things here, and this without the aid of any extra excitement, but simply by the word of God and prayer. I hope that others, who know how much God is doing at Thetford, may gladden the hearts of his people by the cheering news they can tell us. Z. March 23, 1861.

From 'The Revival', Volume IV, page 111.

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