Wookey (1860)

BIBLE CHRLSTIANS.—There has been given to us here gradually increasing power of faith and prayer now for about two years past. The first signs of life, that is, of a quickening power, above what had been for some few years previously, was felt in the Sabbath-school. Then we had a drawing forth of prayer in our meeting, with increase of faith, and lively hopes of a Revival. Then, in answer to prayer, the power of the Spirit was increased with the preaching of the Word, and the first fruits of conversion followed. We had afterwards special meetings for nearly a fortnight, and the power of the Lord was present. Mourners found peace. Those who were humbly in earnest, praying in faith, learnt and felt what it was to have great travail for the birth of souls; and when deliver­ance has come, there have sometimes been mighty outbursts of joy and exultation. The Lord has come to his house to sweep out the dust of sloth—to purge out the leaven of wickedness— to awaken them that slept—and to take away the spiders' webs of false hopes. Above twenty souls have found joy and peace after repentance. There is much blighting influence surrounding young converts here. May the Lord help us to speak healing words to the wounded, and to make straight paths for our feet, so that the lame may not be turned out of the way. In all our meetings now, the children of God love to wait for the comfort of the Holy One; and without a filling-up of joy and renewed strength we feel reluctant to close. This comfort is looked after, and without it there is not satisfaction. The time of hard work for the body is come­;-- during summer business breaks in upon our opportunities, but still we trust in our Lord to fill up all by the fellowship his children will have with Him always in secret prayer. It sufficeth us at present with thanksgiving to give this very moderate report, to encourage all the children of God else­where, not liking to tell of those signs of good which may, by exultation, exasperate the adversary. Thanks be to the Lord our Redeemer, we know Him alone to be the Just One, mighty to save. G. P.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 148.

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