Leeds - The Palmers (1863)

To the deep and regret of many Dr and Mrs Palmer were obliged from other engagements, to close their labours in Leeds last Lord’s day. As in every other place, so in Leeds, the services they have conducted, though only extending over three weeks, have resulted in spiritual quickening and blessing to hundreds. The names of nearly 200, whose ages varied from 15 to 78, were recorded as having attained pardon, or restoration from a black backsliding state to the joys of God's salvation. Amongst the cases of special interest, was seven young women from the Female Refuge and one man who had been a backslider for 60 years. Several had come 10, 15, 20 and more miles expressly to the services and returned home rejoicing in the conscious possession of pardon and acceptance through the blood of Jesus. One gentleman from Scotland, another out of Cumberland and a third from London, received much blessing whilst ascribing all the glory to the triune Jehovah. We cannot but highly esteemed the honoured instruments, not only for their work’s sake but for the holy savour they have left behind them. Their faith, manner of life and conversation, will never be forgotten by their respected host and his family and those who like the writer, had the privilege of frequent intercourse with them.

Many of the Lord’s people in Leeds have received lessons as to walking with God, which they will never forget. There is a Christianity which the more we see, the more we admire and the more we are led to magnify the grace of God in them.

At the close of the services, several ministers and others expressed their gratitude for the gracious work the Lord had wrought and tendered their warmest thanks to Dr and Mrs Palmer for their valuable services. Farewells were then exchanged between the beloved strangers and many of the friends who had assisted and got good at the services, amid prayers and tears and hopes of meeting again in that happy world where a farewell never enters.

'The Revival', January 29th, 1863.

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