Abergavenny (1875)

It will interest your readers to know that for some time past a good work has been going on in Abergavenny. The Lord has graciously visited our town during the past week in blessing the efforts of his dear servant Mr Marsack Day of Leamington who has been holding special evangelistic services in the Town Hall, under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association.

The young men turned out after business hours and thoroughly worked the town with invitation slips, which, backed up by a hearty personal appeal, were soon successful in drawing many to the meetings.

All the meetings were well attended, and at the close of each many were found in the inquiry room broken down under the Spirit's power, anxiously seeking Christ as their Saviour. But the Sunday services were specially marked as a season of great refreshing to God's own children, and of mighty convincing and converting power with the word. The poor people were looked up by an evangelistic band from the back streets and courts of our town, and it might be truly said of them that the common people heard Him gladly. The hall, which was capable of holding 800, was packed in every part.

One young man fairly trembled under the Spirit's power until the light broke in upon his soul and he lay at the Saviour's feet, clothed and in his right mind. 

Another, who had been a great drunkard, confessed, with tears in his eyes, that he was sick and tired of the drunkard's life, and trembled in view of the drunkard's end.

The question was put to him "Are you willing to make a sacrifice for the Saviour's sake?" and he said, with firmness which meant reality, "I am, sir, and by God's help I will. I have," he continued, "been a dreadful fellow for the drink, but the word has been blessed to my soul tonight, and I want to find Christ." He was pointed to a seeking, waiting, loving Saviour, and before he left he was enabled to sing, with joy beaming in his countenance, "Safe in the arms of Jesus," etc.

There were several cases which were bright trophies of redeeming grace, Many anxious souls are trembling upon the
borderline, ready to take the last step and enter the Kingdom. 

March 26th 1875.

"The Christian," April 1875.

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