Phoenix Hall - Goldsmith’s Row (1860)

A meeting has been held here for some time past every Wednesday evening, at which many souls have been converted. The following brief notice has been supplied by a friend: –

The meeting has generally opened with a prayer, hymn and short address or gospel invitation; sometimes a few minutes silent prayer, followed by a little conversation. If we find a poor sinner seeking salvation, we kneel down with them. Some come from curiosity who have never thought which way they were journeying. The conversation has been searching; they have come again to seek the Lord. Those who are not engaged in actual work with a soul or souls continue in intercession. All those souls, with two exceptions, that I have had to deal with, have been convicted under the preaching of the word and have come to the meeting in hopes of finding peace. God our father be thanked, they have not sought in vain; though, perhaps, not the first or second night, yet seldom later than the third.

From, 'The Revival', Volume iii, November 17th, 1860.

Additional Information

I do not know where the Hall was.

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