Mechanics Institute, Keighley (1876)

Mr Cullis has just closed a fortnight's services at this place. They have been held partly in the Nonconformist places of
worship, and partly in the large Mechanics' Hall. The interest in the services continued to increase up to the last. So great
was the desire to be present at the evening services that latterly the Hall had to be opened twice every night, at 6.30,
and again at 8 o'clock p.m. 

Including the Bible readings, Mr Culliss, during the fortnight held thirty-eight meetings, all of which were large and crowded. The farewell meeting, which was held in the large Baptist chapel, was one of the most remarkable that was ever held in the district, and will long be remembered for the blessed influence that pervaded it and the impressions produced.  
At the close, Tho last verse, and especially the words.

At the close, Mr Culliss sang as a solo, "Jesus of Nazareth passeth by." The last verse, and especially the words, "too late, too late," brought the tears to many eyes, and produced such audible sighs and sobs as were heard all over the large assembly. About 400 waited to the inquirers' meeting. Many testimonies have been borne to the benefits received.

"The Christian," March 30th, 1876.

Additional Information

The Mechanics Institute burned down in 1962.

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