Rochdale (1859)

Lest I should not see you, I must tell you of the Lord's amazing grace at Rochdale. Last week was set apart for prayer and preaching—one hour of prayer, morning, noon, and before preaching at night. The spirit of prayer was given so increasingly, that at last it was so really "within the veil," that the need of our glorified bodies was felt. Papers were sent in for special cases; one was for the drunken husband of a convert, who refused to let her come to the Lord's table. At the very time we were in prayer for him, the door opened and he came in and fell on his knees, remaining with us from seven till ten o'clock, subdued like a child. The first preaching in a large room was very thinly attended and discouraging; but each increased in numbers until the last was crammed full. But we shall never forget the Lord's-day evening. I cannot describe the wondrous power of God. After preaching and prayer, some were obliged to go, and others, overcome with the heat, he left. The Lord prepared me for what followed, by allowing me to feel greatly discouraged at the thought that perhaps there was not one soul saved that night. I saw, however, a well-known look of joy in the face of one brought to the Lord on the Saturday evening. I heard her con­fession of full assurance in Jesus. She introduced me to another person in the throes of the new birth. I quoted the two passages that had been blessed to several (John v. 24; Acts xiii. 38, 39). She immediately found peace. Another person, in the same state, from the entrance of the same text, was immediately saved. A third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh—then the Lord seemed to say, "Number them not." Solemn awe! no excitement! soul after soul brought to God, until it was, not, How many are saved? but, How many are left? I was then led to twenty-one young men from a distant town—never shall I forget the sight. Twenty-one faces shining with exulting joy, not a cloud above, not a spot within, not a shadow of doubt left—all brought to full assurance—I believe all had been professing Christians. The meeting closed in worship and praise. When I got home I could not but think of one soul to whom I could yet speak the words of life; it was Ellen, the servant; whilst I was thinking of her, our dear brother H came in overpowered with joy, saying, "What do you think? Ellen was also one of the saved that night." She made the fourth in that family. Pray and expect.— Private Letter.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume II, page 100.

Dr and Mrs Palmer have been here. 570 names have been enrolled for visitation and pastoral care, the fruit of then "visit; they have now left us, and Richard Weaver has been preaching to 2000 every night. Old and young, noto­rious sinners and backsliders, are yielding to the truth. The Church is stirred up. To come up to the help of the Lord against the mighty is felt to be a solemn responsibility. “Each one must build against his own house and each one must do his own work," and wait daily upon God to know what that work is, and, with willing hearts, seek for the grace to do it. Sinners are feeling that Christians are in earnest. D.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', VolumeIV, page 103.

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