Oaken Gates (1861)

The Independent congregation at this place has been, for two or three weeks past, enjoying the refreshing dews of Divine grace, and the power of God has been manifest in saving souls. The work first commenced about the beginning of August, when the pastor, the Rev. A. Warren, accompanied by a few of the Sabbath-school teachers, commenced open-air services in a benighted and sin-smitten neighbourhood. These services attracted the attention of some of the most notorious characters in the place, and several of them became regular attendants at chapel and anxious inquirers after salvation. The conversion of such men as had been known as prize-fighters, drunkards, Sabbath-breakers, &c., made a deep impression on the minds of others who also came to hear the word of God. Now, however, a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit's power has been graciously vouchsafed, and many souls are every night crying for mercy. Meetings are held every night, which are largely attended, and it is with difficulty they can be brought to a close till a late hour. Last week we were favoured with the presence of Mr Cox, a London city missionary, who was in the neighbourhood, on the Lord's work. He spent two evenings with us, the Lord working with him. His addresses were powerful and were blessed to many. Within the past week about seventy names have been received by the pastor of the church of persons who had found the Saviour or professed to be earnestly seeking Him. Many of these have placed themselves under his care for religious coun­sel and direction. Many of the friends are rallying around their minister and rendering great assistance. This is, indeed, the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes; to whom be all the glory! We want all the Lord's people to pray for us. There is abundance of work to be done. Pray that hundreds of poor souls may be saved through the precious blood, and pray that our health and strength may be continued to labour in this glorious cause. We are only three miles from Wellington, where the Lord is doing great things.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume V, page 199.

At Oaken-Gates, a thickly-populated district, three miles away, in the ironworks, scores, if not hundreds, have been converted.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 6.

The Lord's work is still going on. Many souls are being saved. Never was such a time known here. There has always been a great difficulty in getting the people out on week evenings, but now the Lord has taken up the matter people come in crowds. The average night attendance at our chapel, Independent, during the last three weeks has been 300, or 1800 per week, exclusive of Sunday, when the chapel is crowded; and last Sunday week scores went away unable to gain admittance. Yesterday, Christmas, the members of the Church met to drink tea in the school-room, and invited the new converts, when about sixty or seventy attended, and after tea suitable addresses were delivered by the Rev. A. Warren, and several of the members of the church. Many prayers were offered up and thanksgiving for what God had done for many present. The good work is spreading in all parts of the district, and extra services are being held in all the chapels; already a marked difference is observable in the habits of the people; men who were a terror to others are now re­spected; drunkards have become sober, and swearers now delight in singing the praises of God, to whom be all the Glory.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 15.

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Sadly the chapel is a nightclub.

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