Willenhall (1864)

A good work has broken out in this place. We have had William Weaver, a converted clown and comic-singer, and great good has been done. Among those reclaimed are pigeon-fiers, dog-fighters, gambling-house keepers, and some of the worst of characters in the place. The first Sunday persons came without coats on, one borrowed a jacket to go and hear the clown preach and the Lord touched his heart and he professed to find peace; twenty-two professed to find peace the same night, many more during the week. Mr. Weaver has given three discourses in the market-place, one from Job xxxvii. 14, "Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God." Many could not get into the room after the outdoor preaching... The grave-digger and his wife have also found peace. May this good work continue to go on. W. Weaver goes to Wednesfield-heath to stop a fortnight, and then to the Agricultural Hall, Wolverhampton, for one month. May the Lord Almighty go with him and attend his labours!-Yours in Christ,

"The Revival," October 20th, 1864.

"God owned the word so that more than five hundred persons gave in their names as having found peace in believing."

"The Life of Richard Weaver," by R C Morgan.

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