Kegworth (1860)

Having read but little of the work of God in Leicestershire in your Revived, I beg to submit a brief notice of the good work in my own native town. In the autumn of last year, with some difficulty, a united prayer-meeting was commenced and is still carried on. At first, but few attended; but that few waited at the throne of grace till their request was answered. More attended as the winter advanced. The power of the Holy Ghost was frequently manifested in the awakening and conversion of sinners. Towards January and February the meetings were thronged by the vilest and most profligate sinners; often all could not obtain admission. About this time special week-night services were held by all the dissenting churches in the town: these were indeed times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. Conversions everywhere were quite common. The mouths of scoffers were silenced—and many of these were led to embrace and feel the truth that Jesus has power upon earth to forgive sins. From 100 to 200 were added to the various churches in the town, which contains about 1700 inhabitants. Some of those hopefully converted have removed to other places; "some are fallen asleep;" many, we deplore, have gone back to their old master once more, to find that it is a hard, miser­able service; and many, blessed be God, still remain living witnesses that He is able to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him.

J--- L---- has a son about twelve years of age in the Free Church Sabbath-school. About Christmas, this boy was awa­kened and converted. He soon told his father—a very wicked man—how happy he felt in the love of Jesus. The Holy Spirit convinced the father of his awful state before God. He was led by his son to the house of God, and there, with bitter cries and tears, he besought God's pardoning mercy, and speedily found it; and now father and son may be seen, hand-in-hand, wend­ing their way to the prayer-meeting.

Tract-distributing has also been owned of God. S— S— was one Sabbath morning surprised and pleased by being thus accosted by P—, now a sincere Christian: " Oh, Miss S—," said he, "I used to hate to see you coming along with the tracts, but now, blessed be God, He has changed my heart; one of those tracts was the means of my conversion." Many more pleasing instances might be given. Other towns and villages in the neighbourhood have been largely blessed. Among these are Quorndon, Loughborough, Woodhouse, Kegworth &c. Dear Christian

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume III, p51/2

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