Hexham (1862)

At length I have good tidings about Hexham­-- poor old Hexham; the place, I was told soon after we came here, that every effort failed to do much good in. But the Lord has remembered us in our low estate, and sent one of his dear ser­vants, whom He has been signally using in the country parts of the circuit, to refresh us here—his name is Thomas Harker, another converted collier. Oh, how have our hearts been gladdened. My joy has been, indeed, almost overwhelming to this frail, weak body, in participating with angels in their joy over repentant sinners. The Lord has made bare his holy arm in the sight of the people, and night after night have sinners been pricked in their hearts and led to the feet of Jesus. One of the sweetest features in the movement has been the co­-operation of Christians of different denominations, each merging their differences in the one grand effort to pull down the king­dom of Satan, and enthrone their precious Saviour in many hearts. It is causing quite a sensation in our little town.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 127.

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Location unknown.

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