Walls Congregational Church - Shetland (1864)

Mr Craig writes:- The present year has been most signal in the ingathering to the fold of the Redeemer, not simply as the fruit of a time of excitement, but in a great measure as the fruit of previous labour. For nearly two years the subject of a Revival of religion had been kept prominently before the minds of the people. Meetings were begun on the 11th March 1863, in which the Wesleyan minister and Mr J. Eraser, one of the friends from the north of Scotland took part and which were held in the Parish Kirk, the Free Kirk, the Wesleyan Chapel and our own. During the year I have taken part in 130 week-day meetings. Of alL these, the most pleasing were those held with the young converts. For several weeks I had numbers calling upon me under concern about their souls.

It may be asked, What are the results? First a much better attendance on the means of grace, and a greater liveliness in divine things: among not a few. The number added to our membership hs been 48. I have had much conversation with not a few besides. Few sights could be more solemn, and calculated to excite feelings of devout gratitude to God, than that presented in this far-off isle of the sea, when on Sabbath the 14th June, after ordinance of the Lord's Supper, the church gave the right hand of fellowship to the first eighteen of these young disciples. The success has rendered an enlargement of our chapel a positive necessity.

"The Revival," July 28th, 1864.

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I do not know where the Congregational church was.

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