Kidderminster (1861)

Some special efforts have been made here during the past fourteen days, and it is the conviction of many thoughtful Christians that, and blessed work of Revival has been commenced by the Spirit of God. Let all dear brothers and sisters in Jesus pray in faith for a speedy renewal here of the days of sainted Baxter.

The special services were commenced in a large shop that was rented for a week; Scripture was read at the door till a crowd assembled, and the place was filled; since then the meet­ings have been crowded night after night, and the three last held at the Music Hall were attended by, I suppose, 1200, all the standing room being occupied. After the people have re­mained four hours to the preaching of the simple gospel, and to the prayer-meeting held after each service, they have still been reluctant to leave, though dismissed perhaps the fifth time. Sometimes forty or fifty have been sobbing and praying at once; many profess to have found peace through the blood, and many are still anxious. Dear ministers of the gospel are holding meetings for inquirers, and Christians generally are helping to garner souls. May all have wisdom and love, and zeal, in this glorious work! Rooms have been offered in almost every part of the town for holding weekly social prayer-meet­ings, and both sisters and brothers in Jesus are about to attend these places. Christians of each sect are working hand and heart together. On Friday, Mar. 1, above thirty of the vilest characters were gathered to a tea. They were addressed from John viii. 1-11, and soon were all fallen on their knees with strong crying and tears. Some of these our brothers and sisters in sin are now, I doubt not, fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God. In dependence upon Jehovah Jireh, a " Kidderminster Home of Hope " has immediately been es­tablished, and on the Friday following the tea five poor girls were received as inmates, and we know of several more anxious to enter, We have agreed to ask no one for means or help of any kind; but to make our requests known to Him who considers these poor dear souls as inestimably precious. Lord, in­crease our faith! Some furniture and money have already and. I conclude this notice with two cases out of the many that might be mentioned. At the conclusion of one of our pro­tracted meetings, a woman said to me, "Sir, I must be saved." "You may; Jesus is waiting to receive you; trust upon Him now." Two or three dear brothers prayed. for her; she called aloud on God herself, confessing vile sin, and entreating im­mediate pardon through the blood. Soon the burdened soul found rest in Jesus and gave praise to his grace. May her life abound with fruit unto Him! A young person, who appears to have been anxious since some special services held in Sep­tember last, found peace in Jesus a few days ago; she, like other of the converts, has become anxious to win souls; I be­lieve God is granting her desire in the case of some dear to her. Now mark an instance in which her faith works by love. She lately, came to me with a happy smile to say that she and several young friends (all poor) had agreed. to put their mites together to support one of the poor fallen ones until a situation of employment could be found. Oh for grace that we may all deny ourselves for Christ's sake! Oh let us at last begin to begin to serve Him! CHARLES MARSHALL.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 87.

Additional Information

The Eagle Music Hall was in Mill Street, but the earliest map I can find (1884) does not show it.

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