Burwell (1863)

The Lord has been doing great things in this place and neighbourhood. Many have been led to Jesus during the past year. Some of the worst characters have become decided to the Lord. I have been labouring here some weeks and I trust not without success. At the village of T – we are having delightful services; on Thursday last many, both old and young were the slain of the Lord. On Sunday, we had the chapel crowded, and we also felt the presence of the Lord. For about 18 months service was held in a club room, but now a chapel is open for the worship of God.  J W POINTER

"The Revival," May 14th, 1863.

There are villages on one side of Cambridge, already often remembered in prayer, where many have heard the Word. Visitors, converts from Cambridge and others have lent a hand in the good work, and souls have been saved in dark and chill villages as to spirituality and heart-religion. The coprolite diggers are numerous in this district, and not a few of the rough workmen have heard the word of life from the lips of their converted companions. Some have heard and received to the saving of the soul. They are gathered in barns, wooden sheds and such places, and prayer meetings, Bible classes, mother's
meetings are held. Converts from Barnwell (Cambridge) have had the string of their tongue loosed to tell of Jesus at Eversden and neighbouring places. Fervent prayer is asked for these villages west of Cambridge, especially for the coprolite diggers. Labourers are needed, and means as well as wisdom and grace; the work is one of faith. God has hitherto supplied  workmen, funds, and places where to meet; and He has given gracious testimony to the word of truth proclaimed. A devoted Baptist minister from Cambridge has visited these parts and has held up Jesus before the people. 

Then, on the east of Cambridge, a deeply-interesting work has been going on for some time. Here also, viz., at Swaffham, Burwell and Reach, many have been the converts and much the honour put upon those who have laboured for years. An extract from the letter of a friend visiting there says: "The whole country sees awaked to seek after the things concerning the kingdom...The people flock where there is life. On Sunday I worshipped at Burwell where I met several hundred in a schoolroom.  heard a young man preach with great power who not long ago was at the plough. He is now at Mr Spurgeon's. Mr B-- and his three sons labour devotedly in the gospel. God is giving success to his labours. At the after-meeting at Swaffham the entire congregation remained; subsequently thirty of them expressed their anxiety to find Jesus  Last night 500 assembled in Mr B---s granary and never did I see so much of the presence of God realised both by speakers and people."

Another letter, not from the same friend, says:- "Last Thursday I went to Swaffham and from thence to Reach. The Lord on that night saved two souls and many more were under deep conviction. Poor --- was full of joy, for the Lord gave his seeking wife liberty. I never shall forget that night. What a wondrous work it is. It is the Lord's. At Swaffham on Sunday last many anxious inquirers stayed. I believe one drunkard was saved that night, and a woman who had been very wicked, was under deepest conviction. She wept. She slept not a wink all night. Now she has found peace and is very happy in the Lord. Another young girl has also fully given her heart to the Lord."

The work of which we speak, whether in Cambridge or in its adjacent villages and places, east and west, is not a sudden work of excitement but one of steady progress, exhibiting the same marks and features found in so many other places where the visitation of the Lord has appeared.

"The Revival," June 25th, 1863.

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