Zion Chapel, Runcorn (1863)

For the last ten months I have been labouring here as a missionary in one of the lowest parts of the town, but, thankful to say, with some degree of success. Some of the lowest characters have been brought up out of the horrible pit into which they had fallen, and are now on the Rock, Christ Jesus. We have had about 100 souls added to the church since I came hero, and the past fortnight we have been holding special services at Zion chapel, Mill Brow, and the Lord has crowned the labours of his servants with success. About forty have professed to find « the pearl of great price." A few days ago I was informed of a man, captain of a vessel, that was earnestly seeking Christ. While at Dublin, some time back, he went to hear Richard Weaver preach. The word reached his heart, and he returned to his vessel convinced of his state as a sinner, and today, after a great struggle, he is rejoicing in Christ his Saviour. GEORGE LOVETT

"The Revival," February 26th, 1863.

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Closed 1975

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