Allenton (1874)

Immediately following the week of prayer at the commencement of this year, there was a great improvement in the number of and attendance at the weekly prayer meetings in the locality. The weekly union prayer meeting in the neighbouring village of Allanton increased to three times the former average attendance and other meetings were commenced that occupied three of four nights in the week, - the local ministers took part in them. On account of the attendance of the local ministers at their
several church courts, the commencement of a union evangelistic meeting in this village was delayed until the evening of Sabbath last. On that evening a union meeting was held in the Volunteer Hall and addressed by the local ministers of the Free, United, and Reformed Presbyterian Churches. On this occasion the hall, which holds about 400, was quite filled. Meetings addressed by ministers from the neighbourhood were held on the same evenings of the following Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. At these meetings, the attendance was large and increasing. Each evening two ministers addressed the meeting, and psalms and hymns, including some of Mr Sunkey's, were sung.

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"Times of Blessing," June 4th, 1874.

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