Crickham Baptist Church (1861)

Dear Sir, — For several years past our cause has been very low; the place seemed almost forsaken, and a prayer-meeting could scarce be held on account of the deadness of the church. Still in the breasts of a few pious souls there was, I believe, an earnest groan that God would again visit us; and the hearts of some seemed often filled with confidence that God would again bless us. On March 10 last, a brother, named John Lovel, was with us, and it was then the blessing came down; after the sermon there was a prayer-meeting, after which the seeking ones were invited into the school-room. There they at once gave vent to their feelings. I shall never forget the cries of three dear girls who had been taught in the Sabbath-school. We laboured with them, praying and directing them to Jesus, the Lamb of God, who bore away the sins of the world, till a late hour, and it was with difficulty we could get them to leave to go to their homes. I could not find that any found peace through believing that night, but the Wednesday following several were enabled to rejoice in the bleeding Lamb.

Meetings have been held twice and three times a week since, and scarce one without remarkable instances of the power of God to save. Some thirty or forty have, we believe, been savingly converted to God. There are many now in deep dis­tress about their souls. The work is still spreading all around. At Wedmore there is a great stir; souls have been of late con­verted to God, all glory to his name. The landlords begin to tremble. The new song is heard all around

"I do believe, I will believe,

That Jesus died for me."


"Happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away."

May the Lord still go on to be gracious. We ask the prayers of the people of God. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, page 167.

Additional Information

This chapel was built in 1841 and must have been where the meetings were.

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