Sunderland - School (1862)

Two months ago a letter from the columns of the Revival containing an account of a revival of religion in the sabbath school Middlesbrough was read at our monthly teachers meeting. Many of the teachers determined that they would pray earnestly for the Lord to make bare his arm in our midst, as he had been doing at other places. At our prayer meeting in May, very many of the scholars remained, indeed, the vestry in which the prayer meeting was held was quite filled. This we took as a good sign. We again resolved to pray yet more earnestly. The last Sunday in May, at a prayer meeting held after the evening service, some of our dear scholars were seen weeping. The Holy Spirit himself was striving with them. This certainly was a voice from the Lord commanding us to go forward and encouraged a few of us to set the week apart to pray that God would visit our school on the coming sabbath and manifest his saving power. Never, in the experience of any of the teachers, was Prayer so clearly answered. A number of useful men were sent by the Lord to the help of the teachers. This was more than we asked for. We commenced our meeting an hour earlier than usual. A few short addresses were given to the scholars present; then we commenced to pray in earnest and what influence came down on the meeting cannot be expressed in words. All hearts seem to be touched. As a few of the scholars were weeping bitterly, we told them if they were weeping on account of their sinfulness and did really wish to find Jesus, we should be happy to meet them in the chapel vestry. One or two of the elder scholars came first, then followed about 30 more all weeping. The vestry was full enough and many were sent back to the school room to be directed to the Saviour of sinners. Many, very many, found peace that afternoon by casting their all upon their Saviour. Scholars from seven or eight up to 20 were found enquiring their way to the cross. One teacher who had not known the love of Jesus before, went away rejoicing. As many of the scholars remained unsaved, another meeting was called on the Tuesday night following. Between 60 and 70 of the scholars were present, many of whom brought their companions. Many came under deep Conviction and went away happy in the love of Jesus.

As far as we could learn 12 boys and girls gave their hearts to God that night. On the Friday evening following another meeting was held for prayer, and it made the hearts of the teachers rejoice to hear some of the newly converted ones begin – unasked – to pray to be kept from sin themselves and also that God would save their own ungodly companions. As this movement was looked upon as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we determined to pass last sabbath afternoon in prayer in the school room and invite all – young and old – to come and share the blessings of God. Accordingly many came and we had a good meeting. There were many enquirers present, really anxious for salvation. These were requested to go into the vestry and there on their knees they found the Saviour. Last night another meeting was held, when two scholars, about 16 years of age found peace and so the glorious work is going on. Many of both teachers and members of the church have been stirred up to greater diligence in the Masters cause and are now crying, "Lord, what will they have me do?" Indeed, the whole church seems to have been visited by the sacred influence. On Sunday evening last after preaching, a prayer meeting was held, when four weeping souls cast that burden upon Jesus. 

From, 'The Revival', Volume vi, 19th June 1862


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