Hatton Heath (1864)

I have just returned from Hatton Heath, near Prescot, where the Lord has been pouring out His Spirit in a remarkable manner  upon the coal miners of the district. Upwards of one hundred and fifty persons profess to have been brought to know the Lord. Many of these were men noted for drinking, fighting, card-playing, etc. Two of them having been known by the nicknames of Jack Sheppard and Dick Turpin. In some cases several in a family have been converted. In one case, three sons of a publican; in another a mother and three sons; and in others a husband and wife have been brought in. The conversion of a persecutor has caused some excitement and surprise. The daughter of this man was first brought to yield to the influences of the Spirit; her father began to persecute her -- locked her out at night, etc. Then the Lord touched the heart of her mother, who was a swearer. One day the father returned home, and as soon as he entered his house, fell on his knees, weeping and praying. God converted his soul; soon after he repaired to the chapel, and told them what great things
God had done for him. Seven Roman Catholics, at least, have been led to believe in the Lord Jesus to the saving of their souls. One of these I have visited, who is now deeply afflicted, and still happy in God. Such a work has never before been witnessed in this neighbourhood. There is so much life and energy manifested in their social meetings. As to the origins of this revival, it may be stated that it commenced in December last. The temperance movement has proved itself, in this case, an auxiliary to the gospel. Temperance meetings were held with good results.

"The Revival," April 21st, 1864.

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