Bristol (1874)

For some time past there has been a good work going on here. Every Sabbath a meeting is being held - now in the Circus and Palace of Varieties, formerly in the old Theatre - and is attended by from 1,000 to 2,300 persons, most of whom are of the class for whom the meetings are specially intended. There seems much wisdom in securing such places for meetings, as persons are accustomed to resort to them on other days find themselves at home, and go readily on Sabbath.
The writer attended last Sabbath evening, the 10th inst when there were about 1,500 present. Major Duncan presided, and the meeting was addressed by two young men. In very impressive and heart-stirring words was the gospel declared and Christ offered. An after-meeting was held and many anxious souls were spoken to. That multitudes are willing to hear the gospel and are pressing into the kingdom in all quarters, is evident.

"Times of Blessing," May 7th, 1874.

Additional Information

I do not know where these theatres were.

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