Ketley (1861)

At Ketley and other neighbouring works a mighty power is manifest; prayer-meetings of hundreds are held at three o'clock in the morning, and ministers sent for out of their beds to con­duct them. Several rural villages also are awakening in a very remarkable manner. Some cases of conversion are very strik­ing, the most abandoned characters are among them. Drunk­ards and profane characters, pugilists, poachers, cock and dogfighters, harlots, and Sabbath breakers, are among the number. One man tells us of having carried weapons about with him for years, hoping to get an opportunity of killing one of our magis­trates, who some time ago committed him to prison. Just now several Roman Catholics are coming out boldly on the side of Jesus and Jesus only. To narrate cases would, however, be an endless task. We can only sum up with holy John Wesley on his death-bed, "Best of all, the Lord is with us."

J. EDWARD CRANAGE, The Old Hall, Wellington, Salop.


From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 6.

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Location unknown.

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