Cleckheaton (1862)

The annual Congregational tea-meeting at Egham-hill chapel took place on the evening of Good Friday. After tea, to which a large number sat down, the public meeting was held. J. R. Mills, Esq., M.P., was called to the chair and congratulated the meeting on the largeness of the at­tendance. He could assure them that the account of the remarkable Revival at Cleckheaton, which they were about to hear from the lips of their minister, was most interest­ing and instructive. The religious movement in question, he believed, was free from every extravagance, and was distinguished by moderation, earnestness, and solemnity, as well as by the happiest results. He hoped the day would soon come when God would graciously pour forth his Holy Spirit upon Egham in a similar manner. After the Rev. G. P. Jarvis and others had briefly addressed the meeting the Rev. Robert Willan gave a lengthened account of the religious Revival which he had witnessed at Cleckheaton, in Yorkshire. It commenced in February last year, on both occasions during the holding of a series of special services. The reverend gentleman then proceeded to show that the happiest and most remarkable results have attended the Cleckheaton Revival. As many as from six to seven hundred anxious souls, he said, had been conversed with during both series of services, and many of them had "professed faith in Christ, and were adorning his gospel by their holy walk and conversation." Mr Willan pro­nounced a high eulogium on the Rev. R. Cuthbertson for his zealous and multiplied labours as the minister of the Congregational church at Cleckheaton.

From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume VI, page 169-70.

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