The Barracks - Middlesborough (1860)

DEAR Sir, I read in your paper a short time since a request for prayer for Middlesboro'. The Lord heard and answered, and all who are interested in it desire to bless and praise God for his great mercy in visiting' that town. The communications below are from a dear brother to a sister in Jesus.

Dear H. —I have good news for you, and it is about soul-saving work. Last Thursday night, at that little place called the Barracks, there was a cottage prayer-meeting, at which two dear females found peace. We went again on Sunday night and spoke a little, and God blessed the word in a won­derful manner—the place was crammed with young and old. I never saw suck a move before, there were men and women, boys and girls, crying for mercy—the place was filled with the power and glory of God—even little children, some, I should think, not more than four years of age, were bathed in tears, and then we heard their beautiful little voices lisping their prayers in their own simple way; then, in another corner of the room, was a large group of boys from about ten to fifteen years of age, and some very bad ones there were amongst them, but now, instead of swearing and so forth, they were all crying and praying. The general cry was, "Lord, you said 'suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not,' and we are come—Jesus save us," and thus they cried and prayed. One big boy, who had been struggling and praying very hard, rose up from his knees, and wiped the tears from his eyes, and exclaimed, "My sins are all gone now, glory, glory, glory be to God for all this!" As we could not tell who had found Jesus, or who had not, we asked all them that had to hold up their hands, and in a moment up went ten hands as tokens of victory. But, dear H, I cannot tell how much more good was done, eternity will have to reveal that, but I know that some went away with a burden which they will not get rid of except they go to the fountain filled with Hood. On Monday night we had another meeting. I spoke to one woman, and asked her if she had given her heart to God; and, in the simplicity of her soul, she said, "No, but I feel guilty;" and, in my simple way, I pointed her to the Lamb of God which came to save the guilty ones, and very soon she professed to find the pearl of great price. In another part of the room her husband was crying and seeking pardon, and he too found it. Now, dear sister, a word or two more about the Barracks. Twenty dear souls have borne witness for our Jesus; it is delightful to hear these new-born babes giving glory to God, and thanking Him for their deliverance, the women thanking God that their husbands are not at the card-tables this Christmas, and the husbands praising Him that they are not cursing and swearing, and so on. May the Lord keep all these precious souls to the day of his coming. One striking case occurred on Wednesday night, none openly confessed Christ, but one of the women went home and retired to rest, but at twelve o'clock she had to call her husband to pray with and for her. After two hours' anxious prayer the messenger of peace came, and at two o'clock in the morning God, for Christ's sake, pardoned all her sins. Not unto us, but to thy dear name we will ascribe all the glory, for thou only art worthy who hath done all this according to the riches of thy grace. HO.

Dec. 20. From the 'Revival Newspaper', Volume IV, P15.

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